Fussball Elo
Deutsch English last update: May 31 2023 22:23:52
1Juventus Turin2670+0.0Report
2Inter Mailand2573+0.0Report
3AS Rom2568+0.0Report
4Lazio Rom2561+0.0Report
5Atalanta Bergamo2542+0.0Report
6SSC Neapel2514+0.0Report
7AC Mailand2453+0.0Report
8Cagliari Calcio2387+0.0Report
9FC Turin2384+0.0Report
10FC Bologna2366+0.0Report
11Sassuolo Calcio2361+0.0Report
12Parma Calcio2354+0.0Report
13AC Florenz2349+0.0Report
14Sampdoria Genua2317+0.0Report
15Udinese Calcio2301+0.0Report
16SPAL Ferrara2276+0.0Report
17US Lecce2267+0.0Report
18CFC Genua2258+0.0Report
19Hellas Verona2257+0.0Report
20Brescia Calcio2212+0.0Report
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