Fussball Elo
Deutsch English last update: October 17 2018 16:04:40
1Juventus Turin2744+22.1Report
2AS Rom2575-1.9Report
3SSC Neapel2568+14.5Report
4Inter Mailand2512+26.5Report
5up1AC Mailand2497+23.9Report
6down1Lazio Rom2496+10.4Report
7AC Florenz2431+7.6Report
8up1FC Turin2414+1.3Report
9down1Atalanta Bergamo2395-26.9Report
10Sampdoria Genua2359+13.9Report
11Sassuolo Calcio2334+5.2Report
12up6Parma Calcio2286+38.4Report
13CFC Genua2280-6.3Report
14down2SPAL Ferrara2270-40.3Report
15Cagliari Calcio2267-4.4Report
16up1Udinese Calcio2260+0.4Report
17up2FC Bologna2252+20.7Report
18down2FC Empoli2241-20.1Report
19down5AC Chievo Verona2236-43.7Report
20Frosinone Calcio2128-15.1Report
Football Elo Forecast
'Serie A' - 20 Oct 2018 No Draw
AS RomSPAL Ferrara1.197.9926.901.0423.53
Juventus TurinCFC Genua1.0816.4894.881.0189.12
Udinese CalcioSSC Neapel12.165.331.379.881.11
'Serie A' - 21 Oct 2018 No Draw
Frosinone CalcioFC Empoli3.723.502.252.661.60
AC Chievo VeronaAtalanta Bergamo4.733.701.933.451.41
FC BolognaFC Turin4.813.721.913.521.40
Parma CalcioLazio Rom6.354.061.684.781.26
AC FlorenzCagliari Calcio1.454.809.631.157.63
Inter MailandAC Mailand2.163.543.941.552.83
'Serie A' - 22 Oct 2018 No Draw
Sampdoria GenuaSassuolo Calcio2.083.584.161.503.00
'Serie A' - 28 Oct 2018 No Draw
AC MailandSampdoria Genua1.534.468.111.196.29
Atalanta BergamoParma Calcio1.644.156.741.245.11
The forecast relies solely on the Elo numbers.
Other factors also play a role.