Fussball Elo
Deutsch English last update: February 17 2019 19:49:13
1Juventus Turin2741+0.0Report
2SSC Neapel2581+0.0Report
3AS Rom2556+0.0Report
4Inter Mailand2528+0.0Report
5AC Mailand2484+0.0Report
6Lazio Rom2474+0.0Report
7Atalanta Bergamo2439+0.0Report
8AC Florenz2422+0.0Report
9FC Turin2413+0.0Report
10Sassuolo Calcio2340+0.0Report
11Sampdoria Genua2330+0.0Report
12Parma Calcio2294+0.0Report
13Cagliari Calcio2286+0.0Report
14CFC Genua2279+0.0Report
15FC Empoli2263+0.0Report
16Udinese Calcio2261+0.0Report
17SPAL Ferrara2260+0.0Report
18FC Bologna2259+0.0Report
19AC Chievo Verona2213+0.0Report
20Frosinone Calcio2175+0.0Report
Football Elo Forecast
'Serie A' - 18 Feb 2019 No Draw
AS RomFC Bologna1.217.6825.011.0521.76
'Serie A' - 22 Feb 2019 No Draw
AC MailandFC Empoli1.325.7614.281.0911.80
'Serie A' - 23 Feb 2019 No Draw
FC TurinAtalanta Bergamo2.513.443.221.782.28
Frosinone CalcioAS Rom20.566.921.2417.591.06
'Serie A' - 24 Feb 2019 No Draw
Sampdoria GenuaCagliari Calcio1.963.674.591.433.34
AC Chievo VeronaCFC Genua2.973.422.702.101.91
FC BolognaJuventus Turin45.1810.671.1340.941.03
Sassuolo CalcioSPAL Ferrara1.763.905.661.314.21
Parma CalcioSSC Neapel10.464.971.428.361.14
AC FlorenzInter Mailand3.593.482.302.561.64
'Serie A' - 25 Feb 2019 No Draw
Lazio RomUdinese Calcio1.345.6013.491.1011.08
The forecast relies solely on the Elo numbers.
Other factors also play a role.