Fussball Elo
Deutsch English last update: February 18 2019 22:26:30
1FC Barcelona2763+0.0Report
2Real Madrid2680+0.0Report
3Atletico Madrid2645+0.0Report
4FC Sevilla2540+0.0Report
5FC Valencia2497+0.0Report
6Betis Sevilla2482+0.0Report
7Celta Vigo2473+0.0Report
8FC Getafe2455+0.0Report
9Real Sociedad2446+0.0Report
10Deportivo Alaves2434+0.0Report
11SD Eibar2431+0.0Report
12FC Girona2426+0.0Report
13UD Levante2420+0.0Report
14Espanyol Barcelona2415+0.0Report
15FC Villareal2415+0.0Report
16Athletic Bilbao2402+0.0Report
17CD Leganes2391+0.0Report
18Real Valladolid2360+0.0Report
19Rayo Vallecano2313+0.0Report
20SD Huesca2208+0.0Report
Football Elo Forecast
'Primera Division' - 22 Feb 2019 No Draw
Espanyol BarcelonaSD Huesca1.355.5012.971.1010.61
'Primera Division' - 23 Feb 2019 No Draw
FC GetafeRayo Vallecano1.524.518.331.186.49
FC SevillaFC Barcelona6.944.191.625.281.23
Deportivo AlavesCelta Vigo2.643.423.041.872.15
Athletic BilbaoSD Eibar2.533.433.191.792.26
'Primera Division' - 24 Feb 2019 No Draw
CD LeganesFC Valencia3.593.482.302.561.64
Atletico MadridFC Villareal1.305.9615.331.0912.76
Real ValladolidBetis Sevilla3.883.532.182.781.56
UD LevanteReal Madrid8.754.601.506.851.17
'Primera Division' - 25 Feb 2019 No Draw
FC GironaReal Sociedad2.453.453.311.742.35
The forecast relies solely on the Elo numbers.
Other factors also play a role.