Fussball Elo
Deutsch English last update: May 27 2019 10:04:49
1Liverpool FC2782+0.0Report
2Manchester City2776+0.0Report
3Tottenham Hotspur2629+0.0Report
4Manchester United FC2626+0.0Report
5Arsenal FC2617+0.0Report
6FC Chelsea2579+0.0Report
7FC Everton2465+0.0Report
8Leicester City2433+0.0Report
9FC Watford2393+0.0Report
10Newcastle United2383+0.0Report
11FC Burnley2370+0.0Report
12AFC Bournemouth2366+0.0Report
13Brighton & Hove Albion2365+0.0Report
14Wolverhampton Wanderers FC2364+0.0Report
15West Ham United2361+0.0Report
16Crystal Palace2360+0.0Report
17FC Southampton2334+0.0Report
18Huddersfield Town2296+0.0Report
19Cardiff City2211+0.0Report
20Fulham FC2187+0.0Report
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Other factors also play a role.