Fussball Elo
Deutsch English last update: February 17 2019 19:49:13
1Manchester City2766+0.0Report
2Liverpool FC2712+0.0Report
3Tottenham Hotspur2710+0.0Report
4FC Chelsea2619+0.0Report
5Arsenal FC2599+0.0Report
6Manchester United FC2585+0.0Report
7FC Everton2466+0.0Report
8Leicester City2434+0.0Report
9AFC Bournemouth2412+0.0Report
10FC Watford2390+0.0Report
11Newcastle United2382+0.0Report
12West Ham United2375+0.0Report
13Brighton & Hove Albion2366+0.0Report
14FC Burnley2364+0.0Report
15Crystal Palace2360+0.0Report
16FC Southampton2332+0.0Report
17Huddersfield Town2297+0.0Report
18Wolverhampton Wanderers FC2266+0.0Report
19Fulham FC2240+0.0Report
20Cardiff City2212+0.0Report
Football Elo Forecast
'Premier League' - 22 Feb 2019 No Draw
West Ham UnitedFulham FC1.544.427.951.196.16
'Premier League' - 23 Feb 2019 No Draw
FC BurnleyTottenham Hotspur15.876.071.3013.251.08
AFC BournemouthWolverhampton Wanderers FC1.514.568.571.186.69
'Premier League' - 24 Feb 2019 No Draw
Manchester United FCLiverpool FC3.983.552.142.861.54
The forecast relies solely on the Elo numbers.
Other factors also play a role.